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27 Nov 2021

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The Tea About Note Cosmetics

For the first time, I had the opportunity to wear Note Cosmetics, an affordable luxury brand from Turkey which had launched in Ghana in 2018. Silverqueen Cosmetics, distributors of Note Cosmetics, sent over some of their best selling products including their mattifying Foundation, Concealers, Brow Pencils, Eyeshadow Palette, Face Powders and Blushers etc for me to review. While I do…


Forever Clair: The Ghanaian Beauty Brand You Might Be Sleeping On

I recently had the pleasure of joining beauty influencers including Joselyn Dumas, Christabel Jones, Lerny Lomotey and Asare Prince Owusu at Forever Clair East Legon Launch Party. The Beauty Group opened its new shop on 32 Otele Avenue, East Legon to offer medically-based therapies such as non-evasive facelifts, nail reconstruction for fungal infections, weight loss management, skin consultations and hair…


10 Ghanaian Beauty Practitioners and Brands Honoured at the Xperience Womanity Awards

Xperience Development Hub, a social enterprise geared at enhancing female development and empowerment in Africa, is honouring ten (10) Ghanaian beauty practitioners and brands at the Xperience Womanity Awards. The award ceremony will be held at the Swiss Spirit Hotel and Suites in Accra on the 27th of April 2019. These 10 beauty practitioners will receive the award for Beauty…

Hacks & Tips

5 Tips on How to Apply Eyeshadow

Applying eyeshadow is my favourite step in the beauty routine. Beauty routines can get boring with the same procedure in applying your foundation, concealers, eyebrows etc but with eyeshadows, its get excited. Bold eyeshadows for the days you want to feel seen or heard, nude eyeshadows for the day you want to be flirty, Colours for any day you want…

Hacks & Tips

5 Bridal Makeup Tips Every Bride Needs To Know

On Tuesday, my best person shared a picture of a bride in our WhatsApp group. The picture was trending all over social media and it was no surprise, the makeup was terrible. Everything that could possibly go wrong with makeup, did. Amidst all the jokes and snide comments about makeup artists, what struck me the most was the culpability of…

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