Makeup is fun, makeup is exciting, makeup has no rules. Yes, that is all true however there are little “harmless” things that might be sabotaging your makeup game or worse, causing the mountains on your face (the breakouts).

Let us talk about those bad makeup habits that need to STOP!! Seriously, today is probably the last time you tried it.

1. You Do Not Wash Your Makeup Sponge/Beauty Blender Before Every Application

In all honesty, a beauty blender is best used when damp so what is stopping you from actually washing it before you use it? (Laziness) . It is important to clean your blenders before you use it because they can gather dirt, bacteria, and facial oils in addition to your makeup. Spreading this on your skin? No please. Stop.

2. You use your Lip Liner as an Eye Liner

using your lip line as an eye liner sits among the worst makeup habits you can pick up

Please if you do this, pinch yourself. Even though the ingredients for pencil eyeliners and lip liners are almost identical, they differ in the pigments and color additives. What I am saying is one is made specifically for eyes and formulated with pigments suitable for the eye area.

Also, while using these products interchangeably, you risk transferring bacteria from your lips to your eyes and forth. Let me just leave you with words from cosmetic chemist Randy Schueller also the editor of “Using unapproved colorants around your eye could even lead to blindness.”

3. You Sleep with your Makeup On

You come back from work, party, or that night vigil and that little voice whispers, “just sleep, you can clean it in the morning”. I know, we have all been there before. Sleeping with your makeup on increases the odds of you breaking out and makes your complexion appear duller.

“If you don’t cleanse your face, dirt and dead skin cells are not removed,” explains celebrity dermatologist Dr. Annie Chiu. “They stay on the skin, clogging pores and leading to chronic inflammation in the form of pimples.”(P.S maybe you had passed out from alcohol, I can let that slide but don’t make it a habit)

4. You still Have Halo Brows

It’s 2018, we don’t accept Halo Brows. Halo Brows are brows that have a line of concealer surrounding it. It is not cute at all. Brows need to appear natural not drawn. You can use your foundation or a concealer in your shade to clean the top part of your brows and please take your time and blend. Don’t rush it!

5. You Skip your neck

I know you are probably thinking what is Jim Carrey doing here? I have a point. I was talking to a friend who is also a photographer and he was telling me about how he had worked with various clients that had makeup mismatching issues. He said they ended up looking like Jim Carrey from The Mask. Hilarious right?

Even the best of us do this, we forget about our neck and jawline when applying makeup. This leaves a harsh line between our jawline and face. A hack for will this will be blending your makeup to your neck or buying a foundation that actually matches with your chest or neck instead of just your face.

Did I find your bad makeup habit? Did I miss something? What are you struggling with? Please leave a comment as I will love to hear from you. Remember no one is born with makeup skills, it just takes a lot of practice and consistency.

Love, Ibukun.