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04 Dec 2022
Hacks & Tips

A Beginner’s Guide To Colored Brows

Definitely, not a trend for the faint at heart.  If you’re one of those makeup addicts (welcome home) who like to spice up your beauty routine and alter your appearance with a new tip, then Colored Brows is up your alley.  Colored Brows is a trend that doesn’t require a totally new skill and still gives you a bold and…

Photo example of underpainting on a black woman
Hacks & Tips

The Ghanaian Makeup Artists’ Guide to Underpainting

Instagram has been at a forerun of highlighting (pun intended) trends. The latest makeup trend that has everyone shooketh is Underpainting.  Are you just hearing about underpainting or curious to know how to conquer this new technique? Well, a girl got you. Keep reading to unlock your inner underpainter. What is Underpainting ? Underpainting is a makeup technique when highlight,…

ibukun nartey pink eyeshadow
Hacks & Tips

5 Tips on How to Apply Eyeshadow

Applying eyeshadow is my favourite step in the beauty routine. Beauty routines can get boring with the same procedure in applying your foundation, concealers, eyebrows etc but with eyeshadows, its get excited. Bold eyeshadows for the days you want to feel seen or heard, nude eyeshadows for the day you want to be flirty, Colours for any day you want…

Bridal Makeup
Hacks & Tips

5 Bridal Makeup Tips Every Bride Needs To Know

On Tuesday, my best person shared a picture of a bride in our WhatsApp group. The picture was trending all over social media and it was no surprise, the makeup was terrible. Everything that could possibly go wrong with makeup, did. Amidst all the jokes and snide comments about makeup artists, what struck me the most was the culpability of…

Aloe Vera plant most undervalued house plant
DIY, Hacks & Tips

DIY: How to Make Your Own Aloe Vera Toner in 2 Easy Steps

I like to call Aloe Vera, the undervalued house plants. These plants are found growing in almost every Ghanaian household yet most house owners (including me) pay little attention to its beauty properties. Nicknamed “plant of immortality” by ancient Egyptians, Aloe Vera contains antibacterial and soothing properties making it perfect for a variety of cures. It is gentle on sensitive…