Colorbox Cosmetics, Ghana’s affordable luxury makeup brand, recently added eye brushes to its makeup line. I have been dying for a new brush set so I decided to indulge myself in the EYE POWER GIRL POWER Eye Brush Set.

Girl Power consists of 3 single and 2 duos pink brushes that retail at GH¢15 each. While made out of synthetic fibres, its bristles are white, soft and does not irritate the skin above your eyes. Their slim, tapered handles are also comfortable to hold and allow you to change your hand positioning to adjust your level of precision.

Want to know what I think about each brush?

Let’s get started!

1. Tapered Fluffy Brush

I can see the tapered fluffy brush becoming a favorite. It has the perfect shape that enables it to go right onto your crease, blend transition and crease colours while diffusing harsh lines. It also picks eyeshadow colours with a light and even consistency.

2. Fine Precision Brush

This brush is right for drawing wings, applying glitter or neon colours to your lash line or any tight corners of your eyes that need precision and a steady hand.

3. Rounded Shader Brush

This brush is described as a multi-use brush: perfect for blending out your crease colours or nose contour. I found it ideal because of its round shape to stamp shimmers or blend colours onto my eyelid.

4. Duo Brush 1 – Concealer / Angled brush

I cannot put this brush down since I bought it and my brows cannot thank them enough. This brush is all you need to give your brow game ,the ultimate makeover. The angled brush is slanted so its able to carve your brows to a perfect arch or even apply your brows products. If you are not comfortable with using the angled side, you have the other side which is also thin to use in the brow region or cut your crease with it. It is also perfect for use on your lips.

5. Duo Brush 2 – Mini Crease Brush/Flat Mini Round Brush

If you are particular about eye looks, then the mini crease brush will be your holy grail. It is great for blending eyeshadow into your brow bone, crease and under eyes. The flat mini round brush is also perfect for adding product into your inner corner or tear duct and lipstick.

Final Thoughts

Colorbox covered the basics with the Girl Power Eye Brush set but I hope to see more eye brushes. If you’re a newcomer to makeup and aren’t ready to spend a lot, or if you just want decent brushes without bleeding your pocketbook dry, I will recommend this.

Watch how I use these brushes.