Eyeliners are one of the world’s oldest cosmetic, you don’t believe me? Ask Cleopatra. Not only are they are a great way to enhance the appearance or to emphasise the beauty of the eyes, they are can also be used to add colours to the eyes.


Eyeliners were mostly in black but now your options and colours are endless. If you are not ready to break your savings just to indulge yourself to that colourful eyeliner from Fenty or Nyx, here is a fun way to make your own custom eyeliner. You will need a white base so that your colours can stand out and an eyeshadow palette.

1. Line your eyes with a white pencil, concealer or eyeshadow base

shot of eye lined with a  white pencil, concealer or eyeshadow base on IbukunNartey.com

I recommend Nyx Jumbo Pencil, or P. Louise Eyeshadow Base.

2. Tap any eyeshadow colour on the line

tap any eyeshadow colour on the line  for custom eyeliner ibukunnartey.com

If you are feeling fancy, you can add glitter or as many colours as you like on the base. I hope you can draw inspiration from my favourite makeup artist @priscillafvb

I hope this post was helpful, tag me on Instagram @itsauntieibukun if you created your own custom eyeliner.

Catch you on the next post!

Love, Ibukun