My best person and I had been debating for years whether we should get more piercings and where our imaginary piercings would be. I had always fancied a tragus piercing and after two failed attempts to get it, bestie and I did our research and decided to get our piercings done by professionals at a local tattoo and piercing shop in Osu.

We woke up that bright Saturday morning with a firm resolution to “mutilate” our bodies and walk away with beautiful jewellery, I was going to get my ever elusive tragus piercing and she was going to get her nose pierced.

Ibukun Nartey and bestie about to get piercings
Bestie and I

After missing the road for about 10 mins in an Uber, we got to our destination, a quaint shop in a storey building. We showed the artist the home of our new pieces of jewellery and started emitting positive energy around. Bestie and I decided to get our ear rims pierced too just for “sheghey” reasons. Now the hard question was who will go first? We threw a coin (silly right?) and the unfortunate person (me) who got heads was to go first.

As I sat in that chair, I was terrified but I didn’t want bestie to see me crying because of a needle so I had to keep calm. The artist disinfected my tragus and BAM!!! The syringe was pushed in, (gory details skipped) and the whole process took less than 7 mins. I walked out with bestie with two new piercings. Bestie got her nose and ear rim pierced too. She was so calm through it all and took it like the boss she was.

The question I am asked the most is, “was it painful?” Everyone has a different pain threshold. What can be excruciating for A can be nothing less than a mosquito bite to B. I have a somewhat high pain threshold so I can handle pain better than most people. But one thing is certain, it’s a sharp pain that lasts less than 1 minute and throbbing pain.

Ibukun Nartey tragus piercing

The most important step after your piercing is healing. Failure to take care of it will lead to infection and it is not a pretty sight. Aftercare for my piercings includes washing with saline solution twice daily, not touching except when I have to clean and staying away from swimming pools.

I agree that piercings are addictive and yes, I will be getting more piercings in the future. We just need these babies to heal first. Do you have any more piercings other than your ear lobes? do you wish to get more? Do you have any piercing experience? Tell me about it?

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Love, Ibukun.