How often do you exfoliate your lips? A year ? A month? A week ? Never ? You didn’t even think we could do that?

Well, let me bring you to reality, exfoliating your lips is a necessary step if you want supple and soft lips. Just like the skin on your face and body, the skin on your lips needs to be exfoliated to get rid of built-up dead skin cells and makeup residue if you wear a lot of lip products.

A lip scrub does not have to be expensive or complication and you can even DIY with simple house hold items like sugar, shea butter oil, coconut oil and if you are feeling fancy, you can add an essential oil. I like to use a Strawberry Lip Scrub which I bought from my local beauty supply store.

Tap here to see a quick demonstration on how to use a lip scrub. ?

XOXO, Ibukun.