Mac is to Canada, Clinique is to USA, L’Oréal is to Paris and it goes on. Let’s turn our attention to Ghana, do you know any indigenous Ghanaian makeup brands and do you think they are worth the cedis? Let’s talk about 6 Ghanaian makeup brands that are worth knowing and you should definitely consider splurging on.

1. Colorbox Cosmetics

colorbox cosmetics ghanaian makeup brands

Producers of my favourite beauty blender (the Big Mama Beauty Blender) and their trademark highlighters (Melanin Glow), Colorbox Cosmetics is one of Ghana’s leading makeup brand. Founded in 2013 by Stephanie Adu, a British born Ghanaian investment banker, Colorbox Cosmetics produces a wide range of beauty products including eyelashes and makeup brushes.

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2. Evita Joseph

Seen the hastag #EvitaJoseph brows ? Yep, Evita Joseph did that. The brand was crowned Ghanaian Owned brand of the year at the Makeup Ghana Awards 2018 and it is no surprise. Named after its founder, Evita Joseph Asare, a trained Mechanical Engineer, they produce a wide range of beauty tools, stunning lip colors, and their flagship product the Expert Brow Liner.

Discover more Evita Joseph goodness here.

3. Black Secret Makeup

Starting out in makeup, Black Secret was one of the first makeup brand I got to try out. Black Secret Makeup is a mineral makeup brand. Their product ranges from the Pressed Powder, Crème to Powder foundation, Loose Powder, waterproof mascara, lip-gloss, eye shadow and their award winning facial wipes.

Learn more about this fine Ghanaian makeup brand, Black Secret here.

4. SO Aesthetics Makeup

SO Aesthetic Ghanaian makeup brand

So Aesthetics is described as an African Luxury Brand. Founded by Sacha Okoh, a fashion consultant and part owner of Viva Boutique, the brand recently launched the SO ultra coverage foundation adding to its best selling products which include concealers, powders, lipsticks, glosses, eyebrow pencils and eyeliners. What I love most about this brand is the unique African names she gives them.

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5. Yo’she Cosmetics

Yo’she Cosmetics is a fairly new makeup brand and their top sellers include their makeup brushes, matte lipsticks and their favvy eyeshadow palette which contains neutral tones and bold shadows.

6.Paba Cosmetics

After years of not being able to find the right foundation shade, Felicia Sarpong, creator and CEO of the brand created Paba Cosmetics in 2001. With the meaning of Paba being the initials of her eldest daughter’s name and her youngest daughter being the face of the brand, Paba Cosmetics is a 100% cruelty-free makeup line created for women of diverse skin tones.

Learn more about Paba Cosmetics here.

I hope the next time you are shopping for new makeup, you will definitely raid the stores of our Ghanaian makeup brands. If you have already tried some products from them, please leave a comment and tell me what your favourite product was.

Love, Ibukun.