What is your favourite lip color? Are you a nude girl or you prefer your reds and pinks? Let us take some inspiration or lipspiration (a word my bestie and I thought we coined) from Ghanaian extraordinaire mua Yvette Narkie Doku @narkieez for the holidays. (P.S, We are aware that Harmattan is in full swing, please make sure your lips are properly moisturized before you try any lip products)

1. For the dare devil in you!

Yvette Narkie Doku lip color inspiration

2. Yes, we love our gloss

Yvette Narkie Doku lip color inspiration

3. Is this too much nude for you?

Yvette Narkie Doku lipspiration

4. The classic red lip

5. I can be cute too

@Narkieez is one of my favourite instagrammers with a feed that screams color! Be sure to check out her instagram page. I hope you had fun scrolling and have plenty lipspiration for the holidays. Love, Ibukun.