This post is ALL ABOUT THE EYES (sorry, Meghan Trainor), ?.  Face Masks seem to be the new normal so we are looking for ways to make our eyes shine through.  After all, those are the only features people see nowadays. 

Here are four easy ways (and a bonus tip) to make your eyes stand out and they are very very beginner-friendly.

1. Coloured Contact Lenses

Eyes with and without contact lenses which help eyes pop when wearing makeup
With & Without Contacts

Coloured Contact Lenses are a great way to play up your eyes.  They can elevate any look from basic to OH LA LA and can be worn in various colours. 

Another exciting thing about contact lenses is that they can be worn with or without vision correction so your eyesight will not be a hindrance.

The video below by Award Winning Artist, Sandra Don Arthur on How To Wear Contact Lenses.

Important Note on Contact Lenses

Remember that contact lenses are medical devices and they require a commitment to proper wear and care by the wearer. Make sure your hands are clean before and after you touch contact lenses and remember to take them off before going to bed.

2. Eyeliner

Example of a dark eyeliner that enhances the shape of your eyes

Who doesn’t love a good black eyeliner?  Eyeliners give an illusion of a thick lash band and can enhance or change your eye shape. Take it a step further by dragging the liner outward from your inner corner to give a foxy eye shape.

My current favourite liner is the Maybelline New York Master Ink Matte EyelinerSee how I use it to create stunning eyeliner looks here

Maybelline New York Master Ink Matte Eyeliner
Maybelline New York Master Ink Matte Eyeliner.

3. Eye Pencils

Blue waterline eye pencil
Eye with Blue Waterline

Adding an eye pencil to your waterline is a great way to dramatise your eyes. ……And you can make it even more exciting by adding a colourful pencil or eyeshadow in your waterline

4. Mascara or Falsies

mascara to enhance the eyes

A coat or 2 of mascara goes a long way. Give your natural lashes some love and of course length with mascara. You can take it a bit further by wearing your favourite pair of falsies as I did.

My current fave is the Note Cosmetics’ Volume Act.

Note Cosmetics Volume Act mascara
Note Cosmetics Volume Act Mascara

4. Highlight

Shiny things make all the difference. Brighten up your eyes with this small hack. Add a gold or champagne shimmer to your inner corner to make your eye look pop. 

BONUS TIP: Use Eyedrops

Whitening eye drops have been my holy grail since I discovered them. They make me look awake for my early morning Google Meets or a late-night affair. They amplify any makeup look and they give my eyes a zing to re-energize mid workday. 

The Eyes are the windows to your soul so Glorify them, babes. What other ways do you accentuate your eyes?  Let me know below.

Love, Ibukun.