For the first time, I had the opportunity to wear Note Cosmetics, an affordable luxury brand from Turkey which had launched in Ghana in 2018.

Silverqueen Cosmetics, distributors of Note Cosmetics, sent over some of their best selling products including their mattifying Foundation, Concealers, Brow Pencils, Eyeshadow Palette, Face Powders and Blushers etc for me to review.

While I do have some favourites, which I will be splurging on in the future, some of them didn’t quite make it. So this blog post is dedicated to Note Cosmetics, everything you need to know if you decide to buy their products.

Note Cosmetics contain skincare elements such as the extracts of sweet almond oil, cedar-wood, rice protein, argan oil, Vitamin E, and soy protein etc to protect, moisturize and rejuvenate your skin. If you are someone like me that likes to pay attention to what products go onto your skin, then you can’t sleep on this brand.

1. Eyebrow Pencil (GH¢30)

Note Cosmetics Eyebrow Pencil
Note Cosmetics Eyebrow Pencil

Their eyebrow pencils are double-sided hence comes with a brush at one end and a pencil at another. I found this feature convenient because I did not need to worry about an eyebrow brush or spooly. The pencils come in black and brown so it’s entirely up to you and your style of eyebrows.

Final Verdict: I LOVE IT!

2. Professional Eyeshadow Palette and Pencil (GH¢72 + GH¢55)

Both Products contain Vitamin E. The eyeshadow palette comes with an inbuilt mirror and 5 neutral colour options. Each colour was highly pigmented and blendable.

Final Verdict: I wish the eyeshadow palette had more warm or dark colours but it’s okay. I love the eyeshadow pencil because they are so easy to work it and beginner-friendly.

3. Ultra Black Eyeliner and Volume Act Mascara(GH¢35 + GH¢55)

The mascara and eyeliner also contain Vitamin E. The wand is thick so it gives volume and drama to the lashes. I particularly like the eyeliner because it’s thin and will make drawing a wing easy.

Final Verdict: I LOVE THEM!

4. Primer (GH¢70)

The texture of the product is quite thick but applies evenly. It transformed the texture of my skin to a velvety type and reduced the appearance of my pores.

Final Verdict: It’s okay

5. Mattifying Extreme Wear (GH¢70)

I love that the foundation has SPF, cedarwood oil and spiraea extract which are both good for acne. The foundation is very matte and has medium coverage but its buildable. It is heavily scented but it’s not a deal-breaker for me.

Final Verdict: I LOVE IT!

6. Full Coverage Concealer with Argan Oil and Soy Protein (GH¢25)

The concealer was easy to blend and hid the appearance of my eye bags while brightening my undereye.

Final Verdict: It’s ok but I wish it came with much more variety for dark skin tones.

7. Luminous Silk Powder with Argan Oil (50GHC)

The powder contains argan oil which is known for its nourishing and protective properties. It gave a natural matte finish to the look. It comes with a sponge and mirror hence easy to carry around for touch-up

Final Verdict: It’s okay.

8. Terracotta Blusher with Macadamia Oil (GH¢50)

It is a highlighter with a silky soft texture on the skin. The highlighting effect is instantaneous with a sheer luminous finish

Final Verdict: It’s okay if you don’t love bright highlighters and want something subtle.

9. Matte Moist Lipstick with Macadamia oil and Vitamin E (GH¢35)

The lipsticks stole my heart. The packaging is luxurious. It is soft, cream yet matte and pigmented. The lipsticks are a winner.

Final Verdict: I LOVE IT!

Overall Verdict

I love most of the products and there seem to be something for everyone. For the quality of the products you get, I think the price is worth it. Also, if you have any questions, please leave a comment as I will love to hear from you.

Watch me playing with Note Cosmetics in the video below.

Love, Ibukun