Last month, an influencer on Twitter called out an Instagram makeup vendor for selling fake products and responses from the post were disappointing. If you are a makeup enthusiast or an artist, you know buying fake makeup/beauty products on the internet is almost inevitable. Trust me, anyone can fall victim.

Ghana lacks beauty malls, a one stop shop for makeup lovers. A place we can troop to and pick all our favourite products from brands without the nagging question “is it original?” so what do we do? We either buy makeup online or buy from Instagram vendors.

In the early stages of my makeup journey, buying makeup used to scare me because I could not differentiate between original or fake or know which vendor I could trust. While I am still not an expert at deciphering fake or original, I know some makeup vendors I can trust to make my life easy.

Below are three makeup/beauty vendors on Instagram I buy makeup from and haven’t had complaints.

Everything Beauty Gh

Everything Beauty Gh, Instagram Makeup vendor

Everything Beauty Gh is one of the best makeup vendors online in Ghana. Everything Beauty has a wide assortment of original beauty products for sale.

This business does both wholesale and retail selling. It also runs deliveries from Monday to Saturday, starting in the morning at 9 all the way to 7 in the evening.

You can follow Everything Beauty GH on Instagram, Facebook. The business is also building a website which should make ordering beauty products from them a breeze.

Glam and Glow Beauty Hub (formerly Glam and Glow Makeup Shop)

Glam and Glow Beauty Hub is a makeup vendor with products for all skin types

Glam & Glow is a beauty haven offering hair, makeup and bridal services. With beauty as its main business, it’s no surprise that it also sells products. It

Glam & Glow offers nationwide delivery and works Monday to Saturday, 9am – 6pm. You can order from Glam and Glow Beauty Hub on Instagram and Facebook.

Swanky Beauty Supply

Swanky Beauth Supply, online makeup vendor in Ghana

Swanky Beauty Supply is a retailer and wholesaler of makeup and beauty accessories in Ghana. You can get everything from eyeliners, makeup brushes, beats, exfoliating washes, down to bags, shoes, watches and even waist trimmers. Swanky also runs another page, @swankybodyessentials which focuses mainly on body, hair and skincare.

You can order from Swanky Beauty Supply on Instagram and Facebook. Swanky is also building its website which should make ordering online even better.

You worked so hard for that money, obviously, you should get your money’s worth. You should be able to trust your vendors that they won’t rip you off or take advantage of you. Check out these vendors or share any experiences you have with shopping online with me. Also, if you know any other trustworthy makeup vendors, please let me know.

❤️, Ibukun.