To makeup or not to makeup? To every woman or man and what they like. We spoke to 10 women to find out if they use makeup or not. More importantly, we wanted to find out their reasons. Below are their responses.

Why they wear makeup

5 Reasons Ghanaian Women Wear Makeup and 5 Reasons They Don't

Yaa, 27 (Accra)

I had low self esteem for a very long time. I didn’t feel as beautiful and confident as the other girls until I found makeup.  I liked how my face looked with it, the ability to transform myself was just everything. I found confidence in makeup and I wouldn’t go out if I wasn’t wearing makeup.   It took a long time but i finally learnt to accept myself that i was beautiful with or without makeup. 

Adwoa,  22 (Haatso)

I wear it for different reasons. Sometimes it’s when my skin is acting terrible and my acne is showing out…then I use a concealer to make my face look a tad better. Other times I’m just not confident to show my bare face lol. Cos when people look at me I feel like they’re staring into my pores ?. 

Aaaaaaaaaand, once or twice I do it cos I’m good at it?. 

Ama,  35 (Nungua)

I started wearing makeup to hide my bruises. I was in a bad relationship and my partner would abuse me physically that’s what led me to makeup. Thankfully that relationship is over and even though I still wear makeup,  it’s not for the same toxic reasons, It is because I find it liberating and empowering.

Tiffany,  32 (East Legon)

Most people say they wear makeup to hide their insecurities but 1 wear makeup to accentuate the features I love the most like my cheekbones when i contour, my eyes when i wear an eyeliner or my lips when i line them. It’s so exciting when I find new things I can accentuate each day. It is empowering

Akosua, 29 (Dansoman)

 I wear makeup because it’s empowering and also I like the way I get to try new things on my face. 

Why they (mostly) don’t wear makeup 

Ama, 24 (Accra)

I’m not against makeup. I wear makeup sometimes to events like weddings. I pay someone to do it if it’s an important wedding lol. So that’s once or twice a year. But generally, I don’t wear makeup because I suck at it. I don’t have the finesse to be doing makeup even if it’s the basics. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m left handed lol but I can’t even hold the brushes well.

Then, it’s quite expensive. From the foundation to the concealer. I think I don’t love it enough to invest in it.

Vera, 31  (Takoradi)

I rather invest in skin care than makeup. Over the past year, I have been working on my skin and getting it to the healthiest state possible and I love the results. My acne has started to clear and my dark spots are fading. So now, I’m willing to spend on skincare to ensure my skin is in its best state and I won’t need any makeup. 

Akuwa, 28  (Adenta)

I would wear makeup but i realise that I start to break out badly and my acne would worsen when i wear makeup even for short duration. I have tried a lot of products from different brands but it just doesn’t work for me. I think the makeup life is not for me ?.

Gifty,  18  (Sunyani)

I don’t like how it feels on my skin. My skin feels heavy when I wear makeup. I have found some lightweight options but I don’t know how to make myself up. I don’t mind learning but I also never have the time.

Felicia,  35  (Lagos Town)

The biggest issue , for me when it comes to makeup, is finding the right foundation shade to match my skin tone. I don’t get a perfect match and a personal pet peeve is makeup not matching my body. I don’t let that stop me anyway? , I still dabble in eyeliners, eyeshadow and mascara. Mostly around the eyes.

Are you Team Makeup or Team No Makeup? Even better, can you relate with any of the reasons above?   

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