I live by one rule: any makeup routine is not complete without eyeshadow and lip color. lol

As a makeup enthusiast, I am constantly buying makeup especially eyeshadow palettes because I love colours and I am a full blown addict. Recently, I bought the So Hot eyeshadow palette from Focallure Ghana, a Chinese brand. The palette retails for GH¢70 which is a good price for a palette carrying 12 colours including mattes and shimmers.

Budget-Friendly: Pass

The packaging is gorgeous and it definitely catches your eye. It comes in a tropical picture package that reminds you of a vacation on a beach you should have with bae. There’s a mirror attached to the palette which is convenient and it is light so you can carry it around.

Packaging & Convenience: Excellent

so hot eyeshadow palette with 12 colours

The So Hot Palette has 12 colors. 7 mattes and 5 shimmers. The matte colours range from warm tones to cool tones, while the shimmers are glistening pinks, mermaid blue, and airy bronzes. It also comes with a dual brush- a blending brush and a flat end brush.

Colours: Excellent

Pigmentation: I love the matte colours in this palette. They were super pigmented and a little effort paid off. However, the shimmers were not my favourite, even though, they looked pigmented when I swatched it, I had to use a lot to get it to show up.

Mattes: Excellent

Shimmers: Not so excellent

so hot palette application

Buildable: Again the formulas for the mattes were excellent but the shimmers, they were buttery soft and “wet”. Since I had to go back to the palette more than once, it left a dent in the pan and it started to crease on my eyelid.

Shimmers: Not so excellent

My final thoughts: I think the So Hot Palette is a beautiful palette. It is inexpensive and you can create a variety of eye looks from the palette. If you do not care about shimmers then I think it’s a good choice for you.

I hope I helped you make an informed decision when buying your next palette. Let me know if you want me to review any more products.

Love, Ibukun